What is the Smoke Detector Requirement When Selling in the County of Los Angeles?

For 2023, a working 10 year battery type detector is required for every bedroom and bedroom hallway. In addition, a working smoke detector is required on every level. This chart below shows where it is required to have a working smoke detector. This is the minimum that is required for the county of Los Angeles for a home to be compliant.

In California, all new smoke detectors must be of the 10 year battery type. Smoke detectors with a battery you can insert are not considered California compliant. This rule does not apply to carbon monoxide (CO) detectors.

Its best to mount all smoke detectors on the ceiling. If in the bedrooms, mount the detector on the ceiling near the entry door. If in the bedroom hallway, mount the detector central to all bedrooms. Do not mount the smoke detector near the kitchen or bathrooms due to steam setting off the detectors. Also mount smoke detectors in the basement if you have one.

This is the state requirement which applies to all of Los Angeles county. Individual cities, including the city of Los Angeles, may have more restrictive smoke detector rules when selling. Check with us if you have a question about an individual cities requirements.

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