2024 Pricing

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Competitive Pricing – Guaranteed Prices

Inspection + Certificate Fees

$99 – SFR/Condo/Townhome – any size
$149 – Non Los Angeles County area /PV peninsula
$149 – 3+ Unit Multifamily Building
$119 – Small Commercial Building
$25 – Signed City Certificate – If required


$400 – Earthquake Seismic Shut Off Valve (3/4″ + 1″)
$650 – Earthquake Seismic Shut Off Valve (1 1/4″ + 1 1/2″)
$850 – Earthquake Seismic Shut Off Valve (2″)
$375 – Low Flow (1.28GPF) Toilet – Includes new gasket and removal of old toilet , your toilet style of choice
$425 – Flush Valve (1.28GPF) Toilet – Includes all new valve hardware and removal of old valve.
$150 – Hot Water Heater – Double strapped + braced + blocked to code – 40 – 100 gallon tanks


$50 – Smoke detector – 10 yr battery Kidde™ or hard wired type
$50 – Carbon monoxide Kidde™ detector – battery or hard wired type
$25 – Hard Wired Detector re-wiring /new cabling – if needed
$250 – New in-wall or in-ceiling electrical junction box with new Kidde™ ionization hard wired smoke detector
$125/hr – Custom electrical re-wiring – if needed
All installed detectors are new top of the line Kidde or Google Nest™ California compliant ionization and/or photoelectric type. All new detectors will tastefully match existing home décor and style.


We will bill escrow if the property is in escrow. Payment is due when service is complete if the property is not in escrow. Estimates for any cost to cure items are given free at time of inspection.

Certificate of Compliance is delivered same day to escrow on the day of inspection. Any mutually agreed upon required additional work will be completed within a timeframe of agreement of all parties. All workmanship, parts and labor are guaranteed for 90 days and in writing.

Seller is free and encouraged to shop pricing and to hire their own licensed professional(s) to do any necessary work to complete any or all of their code compliance requirements. There may be a re-inspection fee if others complete needed work for compliance certification depending on the work completed.

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