Smoke Testing a Smoke Detector

Even though the smoke detector alarm may trigger when you push the test button on any smoke detector, its best to test detectors using faux smoke to see if the alarm will sound. Sometimes the push button is damaged, or sometimes the smoke sensor within the smoke detector is not working correctly. The detector alarm may go off when the test button is pushed but won’t go off if smoke is sensed.

To test a smoke detector, simple purchase a can of ‘Smoke Test’ from Amazon or elsewhere and follow the instructions on the can. Its a simple and easy way to be assured your smoke detectors will sense smoke in times of emergencies.

If available, you can also use a funnel to direct the spray unto the detector and away from the ceiling avoiding any residue. Smoke testers typically contain flammable gas so caution is required. Testing smoke detectors this way is especially important for older detectors. Smoke test can be used on either battery type or hard wired type detectors, and on combo type detectors. For combination detectors, smoke test will only test the ‘smoke detector’ portion of the detector. The carbon monoxide portion of the combo detector needs to be tested with a different gas tester.

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