LADWP Certificate of Compliance – Blank and Printable

The LADWP COC – or certificate of compliance – is required when selling in the city of Los Angeles for all types of property. Instructions are provided on the certificate as to what it is and when it is to be used. The COC is only to be used with property in the city of Los Angeles, and not other cities in Los Angeles county. See certificate below.

Please note – the City of Los Angeles’s LADWP certificate (located below) ONLY certifies the low flow water devices are present at the property. It does not apply to anything else with respect to retrofitting and/or code compliance. II is considered one element of the retrofit certification, it is not the entirety of it.

Confused? Don’t worry, dealing with the city of Los Angeles and code compliance sometimes can be. Call us at 310-800-4418 with any questions you may have.

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