6 Tips For Safe Smoke Detectors That May Just Save Your Life

No need to buy new smoke detectors if you have good, working ones. Here, though, are simple ways to make sure you have safe detectors to save your life.

  • Replace batteries every year – Replace those batteries – if they have replaceable batteries – at the same time each year.
  • Dust off detector every few months – Use a duster and detach them from their base to dust them regularly.
  • Correctly test your smoke detector – Push the test button for four second for the detector to start its test cycle.
  • Make sure you have the correct number of detectors – One in each bedroom and bedroom hallway, at least.
  • Make sure the detectors you have are placed correctly – Best near bedrooms, not the kitchen.
  • Replace any detector if you think they may not work – If you think they may not work during a fire or smoke incident, they probably won’t. Replace them and you will be happier.
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You don’t always have to replace smoke detectors, but make sure you pay attention to them every few months – and you will sleep better at night.

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