In a HPOZ? Your Water Conservation Fixtures May Be Exempt

As of 2023, the Los Angeles City Council has designated thirty-five neighborhoods as HPOZs, ranging geographically from San Pedro to San Fernando and varying in size from two blocks to areas encompassing hundreds of structures. Additional proposed HPOZs are in the pipeline.

In the city of Los Angeles, your non low flow toilet may be exempt if you are in a HPOZ in the city of Los Angeles. In other words, it may be OK to have a non low flow toilet or toilets, especially if you are remodeling your home with permits in a designated HPOZ in the city of Los Angeles. Situations may differ.

You may be exempt from this California state wide requirement in your home in within a HPOZ. HPOZ regulations supersede other city of Los Angeles requirements, and this may be the case when selling. Check with us on this issue if you are selling, and located in one of the HPOZ zones in the city of Los Angeles.

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