8 Worst Places to Locate Your Smoke Detectors

When installing new smoke detectors in your home there are some places not to install any new smoke detector. These rules are also more or less the same for CO – carbon monoxide – detectors.

  • Kitchens – Steam will set off most smoke detectors, so its not a great idea to install one in the kitchen area, or near the kitchen, as it will just annoy you to the point of you dis-connecting it.
  • Bathrooms – Same idea here – the steam from the bath or hot shower will frequently trigger the smoke detector, creating a false alarm.
  • Unfinished Attics – Attics which commonly are covered with dust or dirt can damage the alarm’s sensors. Hence, you should not use smoke alarms in unfinished attics. Instead, you can use heat detectors in such areas.
  • Garages – Heat detectors in garages are preferred over smoke detectors in garages. The car exhaust fumes may cause nuisance tripping if you place smoke detectors in garages. It can also damage the unit’s sensors.
  • Ceiling Corners – Corners should be avoided as well for the placement of smoke detectors. Due to the dead air spaces in these locations, smoke does not usually reach the ceiling corners until it’s too late.
  • Near vents and celing fans – smoke alarms should not be placed near furnaces or A/C supplies, any place with turbulent air including ceiling fans. That is because the smoke reaching the detector can be blown away by the airflow and may delay a trigger.
  • Near laundry washing machines or dishwashers – Best to avoid laundry rooms but if you do install a smoke detector in a laundry room keep them at least three feet away from appliances.
  • Closets – Not a great idea to install them in closets as you can not hear the alarm if triggered.

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