How to Fill Out the 9a Report for Retrofit (Code Compliance) for City of Los Angeles When Selling

This applies to City of Los Angeles properties only, zoning of the property must start with LAxxxxxx.

The City of Los Angeles 9a report, located on the bottom of this page, and is downloadable and fillable. Most of the time this form is filled out via escrow online, but can be printed out and sent in to the city of Los Angeles directly.

  • Page 1 – Information only This contains where to send the fees due the LADBS (Building and Safety for city of Los Angeles.
  • Page 2 – Escrow or agent fills this page out with best information possible
  • Page 3 – Seller fills this page out. Address + APN on top, then signs and dates on bottom
  • Page 4 – Buyer fills this page out as well, and signs and dates on bottom.

How to fill out? Every property is different, and we can only be specific if we have inspected the property. If that’s the case, call us after the inspection for specific boxes to check.

In general though, the more boxes checked HAVE been, or WILL BE, by both the seller and buyer, the less likely the form will be rejected by the city of LA. Make sure no items are blank or the report will be rejected. Make sure all forms are signed before submitting or it will be rejected, causing delays with your escrow.

And of course call us with any questions you may have 310-800-4418 on this form.

4 thoughts on “How to Fill Out the 9a Report for Retrofit (Code Compliance) for City of Los Angeles When Selling”

  1. Quick question, does your invoice include the $15 owed to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power?

    1. No…. just follow those instructions on the bottom right of the cert as to where to send the $ 15. Send the ORIGINAL blue ink cert and a check to that address. Buyer and seller signatures may be digital. Vince

    1. Should be Los Angeles but check the zoning, if it starts with LAxxxxx it is in the CITY of Los Angeles and a 9a report is required.

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