What Is the Security, Lighting and Locks Requirement on the 9a Report for the City of Los Angeles?

This requirement only applies to properties of three units or more in the city of Los Angeles, and it reads….

All apartment buildings (buildings containing three or more dwelling units) shall be provided with security lighting and locks. Exterior lighting shall be provided in parking areas, walkways, recreation areas and similar locations as well as at the entrance of each dwelling unit. Interior lighting shall be provided in recreation or service rooms and in parking garages. Locks shall be provided at all doors and windows leading into each dwelling unit. (Section 91.8607 L.A.M.C. – Effective January 12, 1998)

On the 9a report, seller should mark 2c does not apply if the property is a typical single family residence or condo.

Link here on how to fill out the 9a report when selling in the city of Los Angeles.

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