How to Comply With Retrofit (Code Compliance) in Unincorporated Areas of Southern California

Most Realtors in unincorporated areas commonly ‘waive’ RPA governmental code compliance when selling, even though given the option, many sellers would opt for a ‘retrofit’ or ‘code compliance’ inspection upon sale to cover their liability after the close of their escrow. 

For properties in areas in Southern California that are not located in an incorporated city, there are FOUR state-wide code compliance items that are in play and should be addressed by the owner and agent.

  1. Working smoke detectors in each bedroom and bedroom hallways. If two levels, a working smoke detector on each level at least.
  2. A working CO detector on each level, central to the living area or near the bedrooms. Note: Small homes are more susceptible to carbon monoxide incidences than larger, spacious homes.
  3. Double strapped hot water heater tank. If water heater is tank-less, no strapping is required. Strapping is intended to prevent the water heater tank from tipping over and erupting any sheared gas line during an earthquake.
  4. Low flow toilets, meaning most toilets installed after mid-1990s. Most of the time it will say ‘1.6GBF’ or similar somewhere near the base of the water tank or inside the tank. You can always send us a photo of the toilet if you are not sure.

Areas in Los Angeles county that are located in an unincorporated area will usually have zoning starting with LCRxxxxx. Check with your escrow officer or title officer on this to make sure of the correct jurisdiction.

Check with your seller, escrow officer or office broker on the need for a retrofit inspection, and give us a call at 310.800.4418 with any questions you may have, or to verify correct jurisdiction (city area) of any of your listing.

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    1. The four items listed above would cover Covina, including small residential income property.

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