Certificate of Compliance & Water Conservation Retrofitter Questions for Southern Californian Properties When Selling (Updated for 2024)

Why do I need a retrofit inspection?

To satisfy requirements spelled out on the residential purchase contract when buying or selling. Inspection is also a good idea to cover liability on the part of the seller in case of accidents relating to any retrofit item after the close of escrow.

How much is an inspection?

For a typical SFR or condo/ townhome in the county of Los Angeles it is $99.

Is the Seller or Buyer responsible for retrofit?

Typically the SELLER is responsible for code compliance and retrofit, but who pays for this service is spelled out in the RPA.

Can you do any needed work the same day?

Typically yes, except for installations of new toilets or earthquake shut off valves which would have to be scheduled the next day.

What items do you look for at a retrofit inspection?

Here is a list of items we look for during a retrofit inspection.

How can you prepare for a retrofit inspection?

It is best to handle needed items before we arrive in case of a short escrow and also to save money on any needed retrofit items. Check out this link for more info.

I have questions regarding the retrofit inspection, how can I contact you?

You can ask your questions below in the form or email us at retrofitla@gmail.com

How long is the Certificate of Compliance good for?

There is no formal timeframe that a COC – Certificate of Compliance certificate – is good for. Some escrow companies have their own policy on this topic. We will re-certify any property for free due to extended escrow timeframes unless that property has transferred ownership in the interim.

What percentage of properties that you inspect actually need work to become compliant?

About 1/3 of all homes we inspect will need some minor fix or retrofitted item. At most, work will be between $50 – $600 on the high side.

Do you bill escrow for the inspection and work?

Yes we always bill escrow for any work done and the inspection if the property is currently in escrow. Here is our price list.

Do you fill out the 9a report for the city of Los Angeles?

Yes, once we inspect the property, we can answer how the 9a report should be filled out by the seller and buyer. The retrofitter does not sign the 9a form, but we will advise the buyer and seller how to fill out the 9a report, more here.

When can I expect the finished inspection report?

The Certificate of Compliance, invoice and inspection report are typically sent the same day as the inspection.

Can you inspect the property after the sellers contractor has done the work needed for code compliance?

Yes, any licensed contractor can complete any needed item required for compliance when selling, and we can certify those repairs or improvements at any time during the escrow period. It is best to have us inspect the property after contingencies have been removed by the buyer and when the contractor has finished any of their work.

How long does the inspection take?

A typical inspection takes 10-25 minutes for a typical SFR or condo property. Apartments, commercial properties and industrial properties will take longer.

2 thoughts on “Certificate of Compliance & Water Conservation Retrofitter Questions for Southern Californian Properties When Selling (Updated for 2024)”

  1. hello, in the event the property is in a completely uninhabitable condition and probate sale, and buyer is going to rebuild the house in compliance with the city ordinances and laws after close of escrow, is there no need to file a certificate of compliance w/ LADWP? or if still required, is there an alternative way to file certificate of compliance with the above statement added thereto? all parties, especially buyer, are ready to sign it. thank you in advance. (LADWP account services unit at 213-367-9263 which dept is handling this never answers the phone calls. i have tried more than 10 times and left multiple voice mssgs but no reply at all)

    1. As far as I know, the only exception by the City of LA is if a property is ‘red tagged’. If all parties agree, waiver verbiage can be used if your broker allows it, here is a link to such verbiage. https://retrofitla.com/waiver-verbiage/

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