Get Ready for Annoying Smoke Detectors With Colder Temps

It’s a sound we have all heard: the 2 a.m. alarm chirp. Why does it happen in the middle of the night? Why cant it go off during the day? Well, it’s a simple matter of the battery’s charge level and a home’s air temperature.

A drop in room temperature – especially in the middle of the night – may impact the battery’s ability to deliver the power necessary to operate a smoke detector, hence you get a beeping detector when you least want it.

Our experience has also shown that even a new – but weak – battery may cause detectors to beep. This is because smoke and CO (carbon monoxide) detectors seem to need a fully charged, new battery to ensure enough voltage to power the detector, especially in colder months. Some older though new batteries may not have enough voltage to power certain detectors.

What to do?

  • Change the batteries yourself with the freshest batteries you can find.
  • Call us to replace the batteries or to repair/replace any detectors in need or missing.
  • Don’t disconnect the detector if hard wired – a disconnected detector means no protection for you and your family. Replace the detector if in doubt and call for assistance.

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