Do Smoke Detectors ‘Time Out’ After Ten Years?

Yes! Some brands of smoke detectors do ‘time out’ after ten years. This feature ‘sunsets’ the detector which requires the owner to replace it with a new detector. This is a safety feature to keep the smoke detector fresh with the newest technology for the safety of the occupants of the home. Some brands have this feature, some do not.

Like other brands of smoke and CO (carbon monoxide) detectors, this Kidde combo detector above stops working at the ten year mark. The detector starts this 10 year period when it is installed in its bracket on the ceiling or wall, not when it is manufactured.

How can you tell? Each type of detector has its own warning of beeps or sounds when it has reached its ten year mark. Check the back of the detector for the exact sequence of sounds or beeps noting this ‘end of life’ point.

What can you do when its after the ten year mark? The only solution is to purchase a new detector (or detectors) to replace the dead detector.

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