Where Can I Find My Gas Shut Off Valve?

Every gas meter has at least one shut off valve, some have two shut off valves, some have more. The second shut off valve many times is the automatic earthquake shut off valve especially if the property is located in Southern California.

Here below is a picture of the main shut off valve, and where it is located on the gas meter. It is located on the left side of the gas meter, usually close to the ground. Every meter has this shut off valve. If you need to shut off the gas for emergency purposes, you need to shut this valve off.

To turn off the main shut off valve, use a heavy duty wrench to bring the valve handle (which is called a tang) perpendicular to the gas pipe line. When it is perpendicular, gas is shut off to the entire home. Here is a quick video on how to turn off your gas to your home with safety precautions.

The second valve usually is the automatic earthquake shut off valve. The automatic earthquake shut off valve may be on either the left or right side of the gas meter. There are different types of earthquake shut off valves, but they will usually be within 18″ of the gas meter. Most of these valves are colored red. Most valves are usually bracketed to the adjacent structure. On rare occasions the earthquake shut off valve may be in a different location than the gas meter, depending on the configuration.

There may be additional valves or piping on the right hand side of the meter, with some piping going to water heaters, pool heaters, water heaters, or outdoor BBQs. Additional piping on the right side of the gas meter is OK as this side is considered by the gas company as the property of the home owner.

Who works on gas meters and gas valves? A licensed plumber. Never use a handyman to fix or modify gas lines – gas can kill.

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