Code Compliance When Leasing a House or Condo in Southern California

Whether you are an agent or owner, its important to cover your liability to make sure the rented property is safe and ‘to code’ for the tenants. In case of injury or death of the tenant, your liability will be more protected if you have followed these simple steps.

For most cities and jurisdictions in Southern California, the following items are required for either a house or condo:

  • Working smoke detectors in each bedroom and bedroom hallway and at least one working smoke detector on each level of the home. All detectors should be dust free and clean and tested.
  • Working CO detectors on at least on each level, and in any roomthat is intended for sleeping with gas ie fireplace, stove or heater. CO detectors should be located centrally on each level. Any type CO detector is required and they are recommended to be within 10 years old.
  • Security bars – if attached – located on the windows, must have a working release latch in any bedroom with no access out of the bedroom in case of fire.
  • Security locks – Egress doors must not be keyed from the inside, and must have a level (one action) opener. More here.
  • Hot Water Heater – Double strapped – To protect occupants in case of an earthquake.
  • Other health and safety issues – Each property is different.

Best to have the rental home certified by a retrofitter that all of these items are working and in the correct places. The written ncertification will prove, if needed in court, that the agent and/or landlord did what they should have to make the property safe for the tenant and occupants. This applies especially to high dollar rental homes where lawsuits in case of injury or death are common when there is an accident.

Bottom Line: Make sure the property is fully to code and get a written certification from a certified retrofitter to that affect for your records.

Call us for more information at 310-800-4418. Our charges – $99 to $149 for any lease code compliance inspection with certification in Los Angeles county.

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