Can you install gas shut off valve yourself without a permit in California?

Installing one yourself? Directions are below. Do you require a permit? Depends on your area or city. Some cities or jurisdictions require a permit when selling, check with your local city Building and Safety.

If you are going to install yourself, or hire a plumber to install, here are the things you should consider:

  • Price: The cost of the valve is going to vary based on the type and size of the valve, as well as the installation requirements and the company installing it.
  • Choosing a valve: In order to choose the right valve size and manufacturer, contact your plumber and if necessary your cities department of building and safety.
  • Where to buy a valve: Your plumber can purchase an earthquake valve at supply retailers, licensed plumbing contractors, or directly from the valve manufacturer, even on Amazon.
  • Using a contractor: You can hire a qualified plumber to install the earthquake. SoCalGas will not install a valve for you. Make sure anyone you hire is licensed and experienced with this type of installation.

Below is an example of an earthquake shut off valve, the popular ‘Little Firefighter’ type, and instructions on how a licensed plumber would install it on your home. Call us with any questions you may have at 310.800.4418.

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Little Firefighter valve

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