Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Plug In Type vs Battery Type?

Plug in type vs battery only type – which is best? Depends on your needs and wants, but it seems the most popular type is the plug in type due to its portability. Both detectors are good as long as you make sure you purchase a good quality detector from Home Depot, Loews or similar local hardware store.

Plug In Type

👍 Easy to install

👍 Can be moved around

👍 Back up battery in case of power outage

👎 Uses up space on an electrical plug

Battery Only Type

👍 Does not use an electrical outlet

👍 Can be placed anywhere

👍 Cheaper than plug in type detectors

👎 Wall needs to be patched if moved to another spot

Hard Wired Type – Carbon monoxide detectors can also be hard wired. If hard wired, they usually are combined with a hard wired smoke detector as a combination type detector. These detectors usually have a back up battery in case of power outage. More here on carbon monoxide detectors.

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