LADWP $15 check returned – now what?

If selling a property in the city of Los Angeles, escrow companies, owners and agents are tasked with sending the signed original Certificate of Compliance, or the COC, to the LADWP with a check (typically) for $15.

But sometimes that $15 check addressed to the LADWP is returned by the post office. What to do?

Answer – Simply re-mail the $15 check AND the filled out COC to the LADWP at the following address:


Account Services Unit

PO Box 515406

Los Angeles, CA 90051

Nine times out of ten it will be accepted.

Also, the phone numbers listed for the LADWP appear to currently not work, or have been disconnected. If anyone has a better phone number contact for the Account Services Unit for LADWP, let us know

If you have additional questions, call us at 310-800-4418.

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