Items We Look For in a Retrofit (Code Compliance) Inspection

This inspection is to satisfy escrow’s RPA requirements, and to make sure the seller, the listing agent, and their brokers liability is covered in this transaction. Code compliance is also intended to protect the buyer in their new home. To that end, we will be looking for the following items at time of inspection and make sure they are present and in working condition. We will then certify the compliant items and send a certificate to the ordering agent and escrow officer to be shared with the buyer and their agent.

  • Correct number, location and type of compliant and working smoke detectors and carbon (CO) monoxide detectors for the size and floorplan of the property.
  • Compliant earthquake shut off valve – if required by the jurisdiction.
  • All toilets, faucets and showerheads are low flow per current state and city code.
  • Water heater tanks strapped and braced to the wall securely and correctly (tankless do not need to be strapped).
  • Slider dooring is ‘glazed’, or tempered to prevent injury if shattered (very rare when not compliant).
  • For multi family residences – working lights, working locks, release latches on bedroom security bars, fire extinguishers and other items depending on number of units.
  • Correct and current city certificate signed showing compliance if required by the jurisdiction.
  • Any other code items, depending on the specific county, city or area requirements.

Here also is a check list for items specifically for properties located in the city of Los Angeles.

Pretty simple, but important that a licensed and ‘dis-interested’ (not a party to the transaction) third party verifies these items are in place in case of problems or issues after the close of escrow. If at time of inspection, any items are needed or required, we will contact the ordering agent with a cost or path to cure the needed items.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have at 310-800-4418.

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