Resetting Your Earthquake Shut Off Valve

Though this instructional video applies to the ‘Little Firefighter’ type of seismic earthquake shut off valve, other similar earthquake shut off valves work under the same principle.

Most times when your gas does not work, its because someone knocked into and tripped your automatics earthquake shut off valve. It is easy to reset, just follow the instructions in the video. You will need a small flat head screwdriver. Reset switch is on the side of the valve. This video is for the ‘Lil Firefighter’ type valve, and other automatic shut off valves work basically the same way.

The Little Firefighter type earthquake valve is the one that looks like a little (or big) red box near your gas meter (by law it needs to be within 18″ of the meter). A horizontal type valve here is shown.

Note: SoCal Gas and other gas companies will not reset a triggered earthquake shut off valve. You’ll need to call a plumber or handyman or follow these simple steps in the video above.

This is an example of a ‘triggered’ seismic shut off valve. This is the Lil Firefighter type of automatic earthquake valve.

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