Why is My Smoke Detector Using Batteries Every Few Months?

Question – I have to replace batteries in my smoke detector all of the time, but why?

If this is the case, check to make sure you have the correct smoke detector installed. If you are using a Kidde FireX detector like the one pictured below …

… then the detector MUST be plugged into the ceiling or wall with the power cord show above. If it is not, or if the electrical box is missing, the detector will ‘use up’ the back up 9 volt battery within a few weeks or months, and you will be replacing a lot of batteries unless the detector is correctly plugged into an adjacent electrical box.

The detector above has no electrical box adjacent the detector. This is the wrong type of Kidde FireX detector for this application. The homeowner here will be replacing the back up batteries quite often.

Smoke detectors with a plug in the back of them require a 120 volt electrical box to keep them powered. The 9 volt battery in the detector is only for back up purposes and not for continuous power.

How to cure: Replace those detectors with these, which have a 10 year battery. No chirps for 10 years.

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