Who Can Install an Automatic Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valve?

For retrofit purposes, an automatic earthquake shut off gas valve is required for code compliance in many cities in Southern California. Though anyone who can follow these instructions can install one, a licensed plumber is recommended for a few reasons:

  • Working with gas is dangerous, and a gas leak can be deadly. Best to trust a professional.
  • Licensed plumbers can easily pull permits as they are licensed and permitted in most cities in Southern California.
  • Plumbing codes change all of the time, and a licensed plumber would typically follow any changes with regards to the installation of an earthquake shut off valve.
  • Licensed plumbers carry liability insurance in case of accident.

When choosing a local plumber, call around and make sure the plumber is familiar with the current code for installing an earthquake seismic shut off valve. All plumbers can install these valves, but some plumbers are more familiar with the current installation codes for the Southern California area. Price should not always be the most important consideration.

Permits – Some cities and jurisdictions require permits, some do not. Consult your cities building and safety department on the need for a valve permit. More on permits and the need for them here.

Which earthquake valve to install? More on that here.

Call us with any questions you may have about the installation of these types of valves for retrofit and code compliance purposes at 310-800-4418.

Seismic earthquake Shut Off Valve from RetrofitLA

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