Where to Place Carbon Monoxide Detectors in a Residence To Save Your Life

Here is a simple breakdown of where to put CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors when selling, or anytime to be safe. Carbon monoxide detectors can either be battery powered, plug-in type, or combination hard wired type with a smoke detector. And it is better to have more than less carbon monoxide detectors if you are unsure of how many you should have in your home.

If the residence is a typical one story home, one carbon monoxide detector is required and should be placed in the bedroom hallway to wake anyone sleeping if there is a carbon monoxide incident.

What can cause carbon monoxide alarm to go off?

If the home is large or has one or more bedrooms on opposite sides of the home (with gas appliances in between the bedrooms) from the other bedrooms (floorplan with wings), a second carbon monoxide detector should be placed outside of the bedroom or bedrooms away from the others.

What can cause carbon monoxide alarm to go off?

For a two (or more) story residence, the above same rules apply and there should be at least one carbon monoxide detector on each living level. Garages do not apply here.

If any sleeping room or bedroom has a fireplace, a carbon monoxide detector should be placed in that bedroom. Even wood burning fireplaces can give off deadly carbon monoxide without property ventilation.

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