Where Should Smoke Detectors Be Placed In a Bedroom? High? Low?

Common question for Southern California – where should smoke detectors be placed? High? Low? Anywhere?

Smoke detectors are meant primarily to save lives, especially sleeping people in the middle of the night. Secondary, smoke detectors protect property.

Place smoke detectors as high up as possible in a bedroom, as smoke rises with heat. Place the detectors near the bedroom entry door on the ceiling or wall near the ceiling. It is recommended not to place smoke detectors on exterior walls. Also do not place smoke detectors near ceiling fans or air vents. Do not place smoke detectors in a kitchen or bathroom. Every bedroom is required to have a working smoke detector in the state of California.

Do not place smoke detectors in the ‘vault’ of a vaulted ceiling, as the value may create an air pocket which keeps the smoke away from the detector. If you do have a vault, place the detector approx. three foot lower than the top of the vault.

See below for a house floorplan of where smoke and CO detectors should be placed.

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State of California recommends smoke detectors, at least, on every floor of your home, including the basement. Each detector should be replaced every five to six years and checked often.

Basements are rare in So Cal, but if you have one, a smoke detector is recommended due to the number of gas appliances and flammable material that may be present in the basement area.

Wonder where CO – carbon monoxide – detectors should be placed? Check here for a quick tutorial on CO detectors.

Make sure you have high quality smoke and CO detectors throughout your home, especially if you have children. And do not purchase cheap detectors from Ebay – some of them are being recalled, check here.

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