Where Is My Seismic Earthquake Shut Off Valve If I Live In a Condo or Townhome?

You will either have it on or adjacent your gas meter, if you have gas, or there should be one meter for the entire building. If individual, it should be within 18″ of your individual meter. Usually the meter is marked with your unit number on it, and they are usually not in sequential order. Gas meters are located in underground parking areas, or adjacent the side, front or rear of the condo building. All electric homes do not have gas and no gas meter, hence no earthquake shut off valve.

Contact your HOA if you intend on installing a seismic earthquake shut off valve on your units gas meter. Some HOA boards require permission before installing individual earthquake valve on gas meters.

seismic earthquake shut off valve condo SFR city of LA

When you have your own gas meter

On an individual meter, the earthquake shut off valve will be adjacent the meter, either on the left or right side. Meters usually are marked with the unit number.

When there is one gas meter for everyone

Here is one earthquake shut off valve and one meter for 320 units in this condo building. Gas here is common for all units, as well as for the pool heater and laundry room water heaters.

seismic earthquake shut off valve condo SFR city of LA

If you need help finding if you have an earthquake shut off valve or not, feel free to call us with any questions you may have at 310-800-4418.

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