Strapping of Community Condo Water Heaters and Boilers

California state code requires that any community (two or more residences) water heater or boiler be required to be correctly strapped to prevent tip over in case of earthquake. Strapping is not required if the boiler or water heating system is incapable of tip over.

The responsibility of correct strapping for a community condo water heater system lays with the homeowner association and not the homeowner. A community water heating system is just that – community. The individual homeowner is only responsible for replacement and correct strapping of the water heater when they have a water heater that they own not shared.

Need to know how to correctly double strap your own water heater? Click here for the best ways to strap your water heater, a requirement when selling your home in California.

Questions about your condo or community water heater or the correct way to strap it? Comment below in the comment box.

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