Seismic Earthquake Valves With Gas Meters in the Ground – What To Do?

Do you need an earthquake shut off valve, and your gas meter is in the ground in your front yard, instead of next to your house on the side or front?

seismic eq valve gas meter in ground retrofit retrofitla los angeles la

If you are selling your home and an earthquake shut off valve is required, the shut off valve is required to be attached to the side of the house, and look like something like this below.

retrofitla retrofit los angeles retrof city of la 9a report seismic valve

To do this a licensed plumber will find the incoming gas line from the sidewalk concrete ‘vault’ and meter, then the gas line is brought up above ground level adjacent the house. The new seismic valve is then attached with a bracket, and the gas line is then re-directed back into the house or back into the ground and reconnected to the existing gas line.

Every house and situation is different for gas meters in the ground, so call us for a free inspection and estimate when selling your home and in need of this solution. Call us at 310.800.4418

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