Probate and Retrofit (Code Compliance) Requirements

Are there code compliance and retrofit requirements when selling a probate property? Yes, some.

Mandatory retrofit requirements for the state of California, as noted below, apply to all properties including ‘as is’ properties, REO properties and probate properties, except for one exception for probate properties – smoke detectors in single family residences. That said, it is typical and customary to adhere to non-probate requirements for smoke detectors in single family residences to limit seller’s liability in case of injury or death post-COE. The cost of smoke detectors is minimal.

See below for the CAR Probate Advisory (CAR Form PAL) for additional information.

This link shows what is required for the entire state of California. Individual incorporated cities may have more stringent and more restrictive codes concerning smoke and CO detectors, low flow toilets, etc, so check with your escrow officer or officer broker and what is needed when selling.

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