Non-Compliant Smoke Detectors in California

The detectors located below are not compliant for the state of California and cost roughly $12 for two detectors, or $6 each, available on Ebay and Amazon. There are many poorly made detectors which are not California compliant available online. Saving money on poorly made detectors is not worth your life or the life of others.

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Not worth risking your life or your loved ones life to save a couple bucks. For the purchaser of these detectors, it was a waste of $12.

Only purchase from Home Depot, Loews or another local retailer if you are located in California to make sure the detectors you are purchasing are ‘California compliant’. Purchase First Alert, Kidde, Google Nest Protect, or FireX brand of detector.

If you have any questions regarding the quality of smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, feel free to call us at 310-800-4418.

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