Help! My hard-wired smoke detectors red light is blinking

So it all depends what is blinking and for how long. But usually just replacing the battery with a new battery will solve the problem. Just make sure the new battery is installed correctly – lots of times it is not and the problem continues.

If your detectors light is blinking once every 30 seconds or one minute, that’s a good sign! When a smoke detector blinks red between once every 30 seconds to once a minute, that means it is sensing possible smoke in the air, and its working as it should.

If a detector has a blinking red or green light every second or so, with or without an audible alarm, that usually means two things:

  • Constant blinking without an audible alarm may mean the batteries are starting to die, and you need to replace them now.
  • Also may mean the detector is 10 years old or older, and has reached its end of life phase (some detectors do this, others don’t). If that’s the case, it needs to be replaced. New batteries will not help.

When replacing batteries in a smoke detector, make sure they are new and fresh. Smoke and CO detectors require fresh batteries. If new batteries have been sitting around for a long time, they may have lost some of their power and may not be powerful enough for the detectors. Smoke and CO detectors, unlike other battery powered items, require the batteries to be at maximum power. If the batteries are not at maximum power, the blinking may continue.

If a smoke detector is ‘hard wired’ (meaning wired to an electrical box above it) and it has a constant green light, that’s also a good sign. That means it is powered up correctly and working as it should. The green light should be constant, and not blinking.

Is your GREEN LIGHT the one that is blinking? If so here are instructions on how to stop the green light from driving you nuts.

Red light blinking on smoke detector

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4 thoughts on “Help! My hard-wired smoke detectors red light is blinking”

  1. Marilyn oShea

    @ 3:30 a.m my smoke detector began churping, flashing green light then later a wave of red. What to do?

    1. If either a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector starts chirping early in the morning, thats an indication that the back up battery is low … Since batteries tend to chirp at the coldest time of the day or night …. replacing the battery should solve your issue.
      Just make sure the new battery is a fresh battery, as some detectors need fresh, fully charged back up batteries to operator, or they will just keep on chirping at the worst times. Good luck!

  2. just installed a Kidde Model P4010ACS, the unit is flashing RED and is saying FIRE, with no sign of smoke or fire?

    1. All newly installed voice detectors will go through a cycle to let you know they are working when installed. If it continues though, disconnect the hard wired cable, then try again. If it will not stop, detector is defective.

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