Mandatory Retrofit Items Needed When Selling in the City of Los Angeles

Simple question – You are selling a residential property within the City of Los Angeles. What are the mandatory retrofit items that must be completed prior to the close of escrow?

See below for detailed information when you are selling any property in the city of Los Angeles. The items below are for retrofit inspections in the city of Los Angeles only. Requirements for other cities may vary.

These items are also noted on the online 9a report declaration which is filled out by the seller and the buyer when selling in the city of Los Angeles. Its best for have the retrofit inspection before the filling out of that declaration, so if the buyer or seller have any questions about how to fill out the 9a report, we can help answer those questions. WHY have a retrofit inspection if the buyer and seller fill out the 9a? It is to have an ‘dis-interested third party’ retrofit inspector confirm that what the seller and buyer are declaring to are correct.

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