Can I Sell My Home With A Non-Compliant Toilet?

See 2017 Statewide Rule below There is nothing in the law that requires installation of water-conserving plumbing fixtures as a condition of sale. However, if you haven’t already installed water conserving plumbing fixtures on your pre-1994 property, then you are in violation of the law. See below for the CAR explainer below on this issue.

Some local cities or jurisdictions (including the city of Los Angeles) may have their own rules. Some cities, including Burbank and Manhattan Beach, require 1.28 GBF toilets when selling, not the 1.6 GBF noted in this explainer. Best to check with us if you have any questions at 310-800-4418.

Super old 5.0 gallons per flush.

Found in few if any homes in Southern California nowadays.

Hard to find and this condition of toilet runs over $1,000 on eBay or Etsy.

Low flow toilet 5.0 GPF gallons per flush State rule

The only toilets in California available for purchase today are the 1.28 (or lower) GPF (gallons per flush) style toilet, available at Home Deport, Lowes and other retailers.

 low flow toilet GPF gallons per flush 1.6 GPF ultra low flow toilet toilets

Newer 1.28 gallons per flush. Current model in CA.

This is the current toilet one would purchase at Home Depot or elsewhere if you were to buy one. This is now the mandated GPF (gallons per flush) by the state of California, more info here on that.

Found in approx. 10%+ of all homes in Southern California. All new construction has this type of toilet.

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