How to Turn Your Automatic Earthquake Shut Off Valve Back On

If your automatic earthquake shut off valve is knocked by accident, or triggered in a 5.2 magnitude or greater earthquake, the little ball inside of the valve will turn red. That means no gas will flow into your home. Its easy to turn back on this type (the Little Firefighter) of earthquake valve. See below.

earthquake valve little fire fighter valve shut off valve when earthquake red ball triggered how to reset

If the ball inside the valve is RED, it has been triggered and no gas will flow into the home

To turn it back on, use a small flat head screwdriver and turn the RESET screw clockwise gently until the ball disappears. The reset screw is located on the top right of the valve. That’s it! The gas company will not come out to do this service. Alternately a plumber or handyman may be called to have it done. The valve is typically within 18 inches of the gas meter, either on the side of your home or in the crawlspace.

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