How to Tell If a Smoke Detector Also Detects Carbon Monoxide

The easiest way to tell if your smoke detector detectors carbon monoxide is if there are two vents on the detector, like the one below, it means it is a combo detector. A combo detector detectors smoke and carbon monoxide, and should be mounted on the ceiling, or on the wall near the ceiling.

Single vent usually means it only detects smoke, not carbon monoxide

Dual vents usually means it detects both smoke and carbon monoxide

Its best to mount all smoke detectors on the ceiling. If in the bedrooms, mount the detector on the ceiling near the entry door. If in the bedroom hallway, mount the detector central to all bedrooms. Do not mount the smoke detector near the kitchen or bathrooms due to steam setting off the detectors. Also mount smoke detectors in the basement if you have one. In California, all smoke detector must have a 10 year battery installed for them to be legal when selling.

Carbon monoxide only detectors, those that do not detect smoke or fire, can be mounted either on the ceiling, on the wall or near the floor. Reason being is the gravity of carbon monoxide is close to the gravity of air, so it does not need to be mounted high.

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