How to Secure and Strap Your Electric Water Heater

In California, even electric water heaters need to be secured and strapped. This requirement is less urgent than for gas water heaters as there’s no gas involved. Strapping though is required to reduce the risk of electrical wiring damage and a potential house fire. The same rules for electric and gas water heaters apply for strapping in California.

For 2023, State of California Health and Safety Code mandates that all electric water heaters (tank type) be braced and anchored, and that compliance must be completed before the close of escrow (COE) when selling. Tankless water heaters do not need to be strapped.

Electric water heaters of 50 gallon or more need to be strapped with two heavy duty straps. Smaller tanks (25 gallons and less) require only one strap due to their height.

More here on the best ways to strap your electric water heater, with illustrations.

Do electric water heaters produce carbon monoxide? No – Electric water heaters do not produce carbon monoxide and do not necessitate the existence of CO (carbon monoxide) detectors by themselves. More on that here.

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Important to correctly secure your electric water heater to avoid electrical damage, electrical fire or water damage due to a major earthquake.

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