How Much Does it Cost to Install an Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valve in Southern California?

Different companies charge different amounts but most retrofitters are about the same cost. Any California licensed plumber is able to install an earthquake shut off valve. Always use a licensed plumber for this jot and never use a handyman simply to save money.

When hiring someone else, best to send them a photo of the meter first, then get a ‘hard’ quote for the job so no up-charges are tacked on. Also different cities charge different fees for a city permit, and make sure the plumber you hire is state licensed and licensed in the city where the earthquake valve is located in. There are no differences in plumbing codes between cities, as the California uniform plumbing code is state mandated and the same for all cities.

Our 2023 prices include everything, including any charges to re-arrange plumbing to make it look correct and good at installation. We guarantee no extra charges whatsoever. Price includes stabilizer bracket and all needed plumbing. Painting of new pipes is also included. These are natural gas shutoff valves. Our prices include parts and labor and a 90 day warranty. If we install the valve, any extras when installing are included in the fixed quoted price. We bill escrow if the property is in escrow, which is typical for most retrofitters in the area.

3/4″ – $400

1″ – $400

1 1/4″ – $650

1 1/2″ – $650

2″ – $850

Installing one yourself? Good luck and here is a guide.

Call for commercial (2.5″ valves and above) and custom jobs or multiple gas meters (small to large apartments) call us at 310-800-4418. We specialize in installed earthquake valves in small apartments in the county of Los Angeles.

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