How a Property Owner Can Get a Permit for an Earthquake Shut Off Valve in the City of Los Angeles

Have an earthquake valve, and want it permitted? There are a few ways to accomplish this task:

  • Call a licensed plumber and have them apply for the permit for you.
  • Walk into a LADBS office and apply for an express permit (Offices located in DTLA, Van Nuys and West LA. More here.
  • Apply for an Online Express Permit, see below

Any licensed plumber can easily apply for a permit inspection for your earthquake shut off valve in the city of Los Angeles, as well as confirm that the valve is ‘permittable’. Only earthquake valves that adhere to the current plumber codes may be permitted, so check with a plumber to make sure the valve adheres to the current plumber code.

If applying online with the city of Los Angeles for a permit, start here and create an account with the city of LA for a online express permit. You will need an ‘Angeleno’ account first to do any online applications in the city of Los Angeles.

Once signed up with your Angeleno Account, click here on the PermitLA link to sign up for account (with billing information) and apply for the earthquake valve permit under PLUMBING.

Do you have an experience of successfully getting an earthquake shut off valve permit yourself? Tell us below.

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