Help! My hard-wired smoke detectors green light is blinking

If you have this type of detector – a BKK or First Alert hard wired detector like this one….

… and the green light is constantly blinking, that means that the smoke alarm at some point went off, and the detector needs to be reset. The green light will remain blinking until you reset the alarm.

Resetting this alarm can be done in two ways –

  • First, try pressing the button on the front of the detector for five second. This may or may not reset the green blinking light. If it does not, try the second way.
  • Second, twist the detector counter clock wise and remove it from its bracket. Then unplug the detector, then push the test button again on the front of the detector to discharge the detector completely This will ‘reset’ the detector if the above method did not work.

This should work. If it does not, its best to replace the detector will a similar First Alert / BKK detector. Amazon carries these type of detectors, here is a link for the smoke only type, and here is a link for a combo type of First Alert detector. Best to replace the old detector with a combo type detector if you can afford it.

If your detector problem is that the detector is beeping every 60 seconds, then replace the battery (located on the side of the detector) with a fresh 9 volt battery. Note: the new battery must measure 9 – 9.5 volts, anything less and it will still keep beeping. More on that here.

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10 thoughts on “Help! My hard-wired smoke detectors green light is blinking”

  1. Why is the green light on our hard wired smoke detector’s green light blinking white every 15 seconds? Please advise

    1. If it is a First Alert detector, that means at some point the detector went off and sounded. Youll need to reset the detector to stop the green light blinking every 15 seconds. To reset the detector, unplug the detector and take out any batteries, then push the reset button. Reinstall the batteries, plug it back into the ceiling or wall and reattach to the base and that should work.

  2. OK I have followed your directions 3-4 times (I have a hard wired First Alert detector) – the batteries were good (expiration date in 2026). The green light would stop blinking for several minutes then start up again. I just went back to the store and bought brand new batteries (expires in 2028) and installed them and pressed the reset button until it stopped going off.
    I thought I had finally fixed the problem – however the green light is blinking and sounding off again.
    I am a widow of 79 years and am going crazy with the beeping. You mentioned another option of unplugging the detector – it’s hard wired – is this something that is easy to do?? I have to climb on a ladder to reach the detector, as my ceiling are 13 ft high? Is there a video of instructions?? Any help you can provide would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

    1. Yes – these First Alert detectors can be VERY annoying. Youll need to reset it by un plugging the cable and removing the 9 volt battery, leave it unplugged for a few minutes and push the test button to discharge the detector. Best to ask a neighbor or local handyman to do this chore, dont mess with a ladder unless you feel totally comfortable with it. This is annoying but it can be fixed. Good luck!

  3. Sharon Clark

    My smoke detector has a steady green light and just noticed it has a blinkered red light on other side what does this mean?

    1. Steady green light is good, it means it is working. Blinking red light means it detected smoke at one point. To get rid of the red light, you have to disconnect the detectors wiring, push the test button, reconnect the wiring and the red light should go away.

  4. Thank you for your help! My detectors were going off intermittently. I replaced batteries and now reset the ones with blinking lights.

  5. I have 6 detectors in my house and they all went off at around 5:50 this morning. They’re hard wired and when one goes off, they all go off. We checked the house and everything is fine. All green lights are steadily flashing except for two of them. A d probably every 30 seconds or so the red light on the test button will flash. Should I be worried?

    1. The ones that are blinking are the ones that went off. Replace the batteries on those ones, and you should be OK.

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