Handyman Referrals for Southern Californian Realtors and Their Clients

Below is a list of handymen, licensed contractors and general contractors who are referred to us, and hence referred by us, who reportedly ‘get the job done’ for a reasonable price and within a reasonable timeframe.

Their coverage range may vary. Please ask for additional referrals, licensing, or credentials if required for your or your clients needs.

Let us know your experience, either good or bad, with any of the referrals below here.

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Cesar’s Tile and Stone


Expert installation and maintenance of your precious marble, granite and stone.

Optimal Technology


So Cal experts for environmental field services including soils testing, on site lab grade testing, site evaluations, vapor intrusion testing, VOC detection, and well testing.

Pacific Appliance Repair


110% service for any of your appliance repair, consultation, installation or advice. Covers all of Southern California.

Rooty Rooter (Frank Hawk)


Expert with custom kitchen, bath, or tub rooting for clogs. Specializes in small diameter clog clearing. Same day emergency service. Dependable and fair pricing. Covers most of Los Angeles county.

Radon Solutions (Eddie Hutchinson)


The number #1 Radon testing service in Southern California, from Orange County to Santa Barbara County. Talk to Eddie with any questions you may have about anything radon.

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