We Now Install Google Nest Detectors – Your Safest Solution

We now install both hard wired and battery only type Google Nest Protect Detectors to protect you and your family. These installations are custom as they are usually connected to your network system, and we are happy to stop by to give you a quote for your installation needs.

Google Nest Detectors are networkable to your current security system, or can stand alone if you do not have a current security system. Both types of Google Nest Detectors (hard wired type and battery type) can be inter-mixed. Google Nest detectors can also be used in unison with other types of non-networkable detectors such as First Alert and Kidde. You can mix and match and only use the Google Nest Detectors in specific rooms (kids bedrooms, etc) or areas (family room, etc).

Google Nest has decided to forgo an ionization detector in favor of a photoelectric sensor. However, it uses a new type of sensor called a Split-Spectrum Sensor. According to Nest, this allows Nest Protect to monitor for “a wide range of smoke events, including slow, smoldering fires and fast flaming fires.”2. However, according to ConsumerReports.org, Nest was the slowest to detect fast-flaming fires during testing.3. As such, they did not add the device to their list of recommended smoke alarms. Nest admits to not being the fastest. This is by design. Their focus was on creating a device that would quickly react without overreacting. For example, Nest Protect will glow yellow as an early warning that something might be wrong. And it includes Steam Check, a feature based upon the built-in humidity sensor that distinguishes between steam and smoke. While Steam Check doesn’t make the alert any faster, it does reduce false alarms. According to our source from Nest, “Nest designed Nest Protect to quickly and effectively alert people to fire and CO hazards in the home, while also providing thoughtful, friendly information through spoken alerts, Heads-Up (before conditions reach a critical level), and mobile notifications.”

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More information here on the Google Nest Detector.

The Google Nest Protect has all the features we recommend in a smart smoke alarm. It can detect both slow- and fast-burning fires, and it wirelessly interconnects with other Google Protect products in your home network. The Google Nest Detector uses voice alerts to warn you which room the danger is in and gives you time to check before it triggers the siren. The detector also comes with a ‘smart’ night light which can be adjusted vis the Google Nest app. This product has many great reviews, and they are stylish as well!

Call us for more information on the cost of a partial or complete home installation with these detectors at 310-800-4418,

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    1. Cost of the detector is $150 or you can purchase them on Amazon and we can install. The cost of installation is based on if we are installing the hard wired type or the battery type Google Nest detector, and if you already have an electrical junction box installed. Best for us to stop by for a free quote.

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