Earthquake Shut-Off Valve Requirements on Multi Family Residences When Selling in the City of Los Angeles

When selling a property with two or more units in the city of Los Angeles, an automatic earthquake shut off valve is required to be installed before the close of escrow.

The current plumbing code is that each gas meter must have its own earthquake shut off valve, including any meter dedicated to a pool heater or laundry room water heater. So if there are 12 meters, all 12 gas meters are required to have their own individual seismic earthquake shut off valve.

If the automatic earthquake shut off valve was installed prior to 1997, it may be grandfathered in. Please read this tutorial on that.

Some properties have one earthquake shut off valve for two or more meters. Though this is not the current 2023 plumbing code, it may be grandfathered in, read here. If there is only one earthquake shut off valve to two or more meters, it will safety shut off gas to those meters and units they are associated with.

For any new seismic valve, all current plumbing codes must be adhered to. More information here on how your licensed plumber should install an automatic earthquake shut off valve.

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