Dual Agency, Code Compliance and Retrofitting

When acting as a dual agent, and working on behalf of both the buyer and the seller, its critical that retrofit (code compliance) is completed accurately by the agent involved. Dual agency is a heavily litigated aspect of real estate (especially in down trending markets) and best practice is to handle retrofit and code compliance early, soon after entering escrow. And why not have the buyer or seller bring the house to full compliance to cover your liability as an agent, and the liability of your broker – best insurance is insurance you don’t have to pay for.

Code compliance items are mandatory items when selling if called for in the RPA and by escrow. The required items that need to be code compliant will also differ between cities and jurisdictions.

Below is a list of items required for the City of Los Angeles. If your listing is located in a different city, use the search box below and type in the name of the city your listing is located in to find a link to the code compliance requirements.

This list below is for the city of Los Angeles. Other cities in Los Angeles County have similar, but different, requirements when selling.

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