Do Basements Need Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

Yes! Finished or semi-finished ‘California’ basements require smoke and CO – carbon monoxide – detectors. Why? Usually basements contain gas appliances and gas piping that is flammable.

From the LADBS website regarding smoke detectors and CO detectors when selling in the city of Los Angeles:

Also, according to the National Fire Protection Association , or NFPA, smoke detectors should be installed in finished or semi-finished basements in California. See diagram below.

Carbon monoxide, or CO detectors, should be located in areas where there is gas or other flammable components. So if your basement contains gas lines, a CO detector may be warranted.

A ‘California basement’ is one where you can walk down into it from stairs, and service gas, electric and water appliances and controls, ie basement boiler, central heating system, water heater and/or sump pumps.

Have questions about whether your basements needs a smoke and/or CO detector? Post your question below.

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