Code Compliance Requirements for Income Producing Properties in Los Angeles and Southern California

SEISMIC GAS SHUT-OFF VALVES All Commercial and Residential buildings containing fuel gas piping must have an Earthquake Shut-Off Valve (EQSO). They are designed to shut off gas service automatically, in the event of a magnitude 5.4or greater earthquake. (Section 94.1217 L.A.M.C)

WATER CONSERVATION DEVICES Any Commercial or Residential building containing plumbing fixtures shall comply with the City of LA’s Water Conservation Ordinance. (Section 122.03 L.A.M.C). Toilets and showerheads must be low flow.

SECURITY LIGHTING & LOCKS All apartment buildings containing three or more dwelling units shall be equipped with security lighting and locks.(Section 91.8607 L.A.M.C) meaning there must be adequate lighting at front and rear doors of each unit, and locks must work and be maintained.

METAL BARS Every sleeping room below the fourth floor shall have at least one operable window or door that is approved for emergency escape or rescue. (Section 91.029.4 L.A.M.C)

SMOKE DETECTORS Working smoke Detectors are required in every sleeping room and at a central location of the existing corridor or area giving access to these rooms. Three units and above – detectors must be hardwired. Every living floor must have at least one smoke detector. (Section 91.8603 L.A.M.C)

SAFETY GLAZING Existing glass on every sliding glass panel, other than wardrobe doors, bathroom showers requires impact hazard glazing, or an approved film maybe installed. (Section 91.601; Section 96.302 L.A.M.C)

CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS Required in every home with a fuel-burning appliance and for any home with an attached garage. Installed on each floor adjacent to sleeping areas. ( Section91.8603 L.A.M.C) and in basements. Any sleeping room with a gas fireplace must have a CO detector.

Different cities and jurisdictions may differ slightly, but the above guide is a good starting place. Call us at 310.800.4418 with any questions.

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