City of Los Angeles RPR (aka 9a) Report When Selling

What is this thing?!

Residential Property Report, also known as a 9A report, is required and issued by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Building and Safety. It has a few purposes to it.

First, the purpose of the report is to inform buyers of potential or pending special assessments to the property, such as plans for new sewers or sidewalks, which the City of Los Angeles may be planning. Over the years, Building and Safety has added other items to this report, as a way to make sure properties are in compliance with various minimum code requirements, at the time ownership is transferred. These added items are the retrofit or code compliance items which are inspected during a retrofit inspection.

An application (typically completed by the seller) must be completed, including declarations that the property IS or WILL BE brought to compliance with the particular requirements of the City. This application is then sent to LADBS – Building and safety in the city of Los Angeles – with a fee of $70.20, and the City then provides the Report.

The report will include copies of permits issued on the property, and a report of pending assessments. Note: Special assessments are rare to never found.

Here is a link on how to fill out the 9a report.

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A copy of a RPR report is below.

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