How to Find Out if Your Earthquake Shut Off Valve Is Permitted or Not

Want to find out if your earthquake shut off valve is permitted or not? The way to find out is with Zimas, located here, which is the data portal for all of the city of Los Angeles.

The Zone Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS) is a wonderful and fact based web-based mapping tool that provides zoning information for properties located in Los Angeles. ZIMAS was developed by City Planning to assist residents and businesses in making better informed land use decisions. The online mapping system is used to look up property information, ranging from a parcel’s land use and zoning designations to its planning application and building permit history. We wish every city had this resource.

The ZIMAS application is designed to provide zoning related information for specific properties. You can search ZIMAS by: Property Address, Street Intersection, Assessor Parcel Number, Case Number, Community Plan Area, Council District, Certified Neighborhood Council, PIN Number, Legal Description, and MapSheet. Its easy – try it!


Now, to find out if the earthquake shut off valve has a permit, or anything other item on the property for that matter, type in the Subject address, then click on Permitting and Zoning Compliance, then click on Building Permit info, then View, then click the link under Parcel Profile Report, and scroll all the way down, and the permit will be located there. If it is not there, it is not permitted. Note records have only been in existence since around 2003 in Zimas.

Want to get the earthquake shut off valve retro-actively permitted? You can do that, and best to call us for more information at 310-800-4418.

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