Buena Park Retrofitting (Code Compliance) Requirements When Selling

Most Realtors in Buena Park commonly ‘waive’ RPA governmental code compliance when selling, even though given the option, many sellers would opt for a ‘retrofit’ or ‘code compliance’ inspection upon sale to cover their liability.

When selling a home in the city of Buena Park, the following items should be checked by a ‘dis-interested’ and independent third party retrofitter for full compliance. This ensures all parties, including sellers, agents and their brokers, will be covered in case of problems after the close of escrow.

As always, check with your escrow officer and office broker on their policy for governmental code compliance when selling.

Smoke detectors in each bedroom, bedroom hallway, and on each floor. Seismic EQ valve on gas meter is not required. Carbon monoxide detector on each level at least. Hot Water heater correctly double strapped. Low flow toilets and showerhead in each bathroom. Other code compliance may apply.

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