9a Report for City of Los Angeles

There’s a lot of confusion over the 9a report for the City of Los Angeles when selling. I’ll try to help out both agents and sellers and answer some questions you may have.

What: The 9a report, located here, is a mandatory report that is typically filled out by escrow, and signed by both the seller and buyer. Within the 4 page report, both the seller and buyer will check off items to the best of their ability. These items are required when selling a property in the city of LA. Escrow usually makes sure this form is filled out, then will send a fee along with the form (either mailed or online) to the city of Los Angeles.

Who: Buyer and seller both will fill out this form (to the best of their ability and knowledge), and escrow will pay for the form to be send to the city of Los Angeles, as noted on the form.

Where: This form only applies to properties within the city limits of Los Angeles. It does not apply to properties in other cities in the county of Los Angeles. The top of page 1 tells the reader how to figure out if the property is in the city of Los Angeles.

When: This form is usually filled out when escrow is opened, or soon thereafter, as the city will send escrow the results of this form, which include if the form was filled out correctly, any liens on the property, and the RPR or the residential property report, more on that here.

Why: When selling a property in the city of Los Angeles, certain health and safety issues, as well as state madated compliance items, need to be addressed. This is mostly for the health and safety of the Buyer. It is also meant to cover the Sellers liability when selling.

Need more help in filling out the 9a report in the city of Los Angeles? Check out this link.

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