2024 New National Smoke Detector Standards Required

In a nutshell, by July 1, 2024, all US smoke detector manufacturers must manufacture their smoke detector requirements to a new stricter level. That level includes the following:

  • Better identification of true smoke and fire incidents versus non-fire events, ie kitchen cooking.
  • Better detection of fires from modern construction materials, ie lighter synthetic materials vs all wood construction.
  • Better voltage surge protection for hard wired models.
  • Louder alarms

How can one tell the difference between the pre-2024 smoke detectors and this new standard? Look for new packaging referencing this new standard. Also, all July 1, 2024 compliant smoke detectors will say that they conform to the UL 217 8th Edition standard. After July 2024, older non-compliant detectors will stop being manufactured.

Are the older smoke detectors not safe? No. Older smoke detectors are safe. The newer standard is a newer improved version of this necessary safety device. Consider it a new and improved version.

Does this new standard apply to carbon monoxide detectors? No. This standard only applies to smoke detectors, not carbon monoxide detectors. The new standard smoke detectors may be available as a combination (smoke and carbon monoxide together) type detector though.

How can you visually tell the difference between the old type and the new type? The newer First Alert detectors will have a new emblem or logo on the face of the detector like the one below. The newer Kidde detectors will have a newer style.

First Alert 2024 smoke detector UL 217 8th Edition

Do I, as a homeowner, need to replace my smoke detectors to this standard? No. If you need to replace a smoke detector after July 1, 2024, you will have a choice of the older and newer styles of smoke detectors, while the stock of older, non-compliant smoke detectors, remain. You do not need to replace your current smoke detectors until they stop working., This new rule applies for manufacturers and retailers only.

The newer Kidde detectors will display that the the newer. compliant detectors are UL 217 compliant on their packaging.

More information here:

Kidde UL 217 standard smoke detectors

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2 thoughts on “2024 New National Smoke Detector Standards Required”

  1. Is there a different rule in Florida for the number of smoke alarms required in a dental office vs any other commercial business? Also, how is this determined? Square footage? Number of people (which is, I am guessing, ultimately determined by square footage)?

    1. Not sure about Florida, but many states follow the rules that are listed on the instructions with smoke or CO detectors as to where they should be located, and yes sometimes square footage is taken into consideration.

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