2024 California Smoke Detector Rule for Lease and Rental Units

For 2024, as for previous years, landlords must adhere to state mandated rules for smoke detectors in all types of rental units. This includes detached homes, condos, townhomes and apartments.

Requirements – Working battery type or hard wired smoke detectors in each bedroom, bedroom hallway and one each living level of the rental unit.

If replacing a non-working detector, for battery (non hard wired) type detectors, a smoke detector with a 10 year battery (a non-replaceable battery) is required. For the replacement of hard wired smoke detectors, either a hard wired detector with replaceable batteries (ie 9volt) or a non-replaceable battery (10 year type battery) is allowed.

Smoke detectors may be combination type detectors which may contain a detector for carbon monoxide, for either type (battery type only or hard wired type) of detector.

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